Where we are

Assenzio Hotel

Wenzigova 3
120 00 Prague
Czech Republic

+420 221 012 300
+420 272 049 554

How to reach us :

Public transport

Airport is about 16 Km from the city center and you need about 50 minutes for arrive in the hotel by Public transport(Bus + Metro) .
Arriving to the center by public transport is surely the most economic option ,
A little guide about How to reach us by public transport:

Best public way

Transports: Take the bus 119 from  Airport to Dejvicka (Metro  A), after this take  Metro A  from  Dejvicka' and stop at  Muzeum. From Muzeum take Metro C and stop at  Pavlova.
From I.P. Pavlova you can reach us by walk.
Price : about 32 Kč , you can buy the ticket on the bus or by the information point for publics transport inside the airport.
Duration : About 50 minutes (Airport- Hotel)
Advice: We do not suggest to passengers with a lot of luggage to use public transports.

From Train station:

It is really easy reach us also for people that are traveling by train.
Hlavní Nádraží  is the main rail station of Prague.
Transport: From Hlavní nádraží rail station   , take  Metro C and stop in  Pavlova.
Price: From Hlavní nádraží to Pavlova(Metro)  about 24  Kč ( about 1 Euro)
Duration : About 10 minutes (from  Hlavní nádraží to Pavlova)

Where we are